Hi, I'm Tim.

I take pictures of things that I think are cool. I write things on a blog that I think are cool (sometimes I tweet them). You should definitely check out those two links -- there's good stuff on there.

I also use Tumblr, which will probably be hard to understand.

I help people start companies at Cloudspace. If you want some kickass web engineers (or if you are a kickass web engineer), email me -- tim at cloudspace dot com -- and say hi.

I also read a lot of books.

I dig drumming, snowboarding, cars, business, finance, economics, music, movies, camping, and snowboarding. I can talk a lot about these things.

If you ever want to give me a gift, but can't find something I'd like, why not donate to a charity in my name? The Gates Foundation is incredible, but they've got enough money. VH1's Save The Music if you want to keep things light, the Glide Foundation for some heavier lifting, or Doctors Without Borders for the good stuff.

I occasionally make things on the internet, like a web proxy, a site to show Southerners how much sugar is in their soda and Northerners how much sugar is in their pop. I want people to learn to drum, and to learn about their cats. I also wrote the first autocomplete plugin for Twitter, Tw-autocomplete. My more serious coding can be found on Github.

When I'm bored, I click this link.

Among other things, I've swum with sharks (the kind that usually don't bite), spent a week canoeing around the Everglades (so many mosquitoes!), and drove around the Eastern US in a 1971 VW bus (more dangerous than you'd think).

I want to do cool stuff. It's probably from watching too many movies, but hey, dream big.

In addition to my more obvious goals...

I really want to use a flamethrower. I've seen 'em do it on Mythbusters, I grew up watching action movies with flamethrowers, and it seems awesome. I found links online to movie supply studios that rent flamethrowers, but after calling around, it turns out that what most of these shops call a "flamethrower" is actually a weed burner that you need California permits to use. A real flamethrower requires very expensive Federal permits and years of waiting periods and training. Few people in the US have these permits. I guess there's always other countries.

I want to do a lap of Laguna Seca in under 1:50. Laguna Seca is an amazing track, with lots of turns and elevation changes that make it one of a kind. This is something I'm going to eventually do -- 1:50 is a fairly aggressive lap time, and no matter how many times I play this in Gran Turismo, it's going to take a lot of practice laps in the real world.

I ride a motorcycle as a daily driver, but I really want to take one on a track and do a wheelie (as well as doing some laps). I ride a cruiser as my daily bike, so I'm not going to be doing it on that, but one day I'm sure I'll pick up a cheap sport bike and test this out. I wear safety gear on every ride anyways, so I'll throw on some extra padding and I'm set.

Hang gliding seems like a more peaceful activity than speeding around road tracks on two or four wheels while flamethrowers go off around me (although that does sound like an awesome combination). Since I live near some big hills, I'm looking forward to knocking this off the list soon.

Having grown up in Florida, snowboarding might seem like a strange hobby. But I love it, and I really want to launch and land a big jump on my snowboard.

Who hasn't wanted to fly a plane?

I also want to jump out of a plane. It doesn't have to be the same plane that I was previously flying, but that would be cool if it was. Ideally, I want to do this in the Florida Keys. If I'm going to be out and about at 10,000 feet, I want cool stuff to see on the way down.

I jumped out of a plane. Let's check this off my list of things for now, but I will definitely go again.

I want to be able to play Rush's "Tom Sawyer" from memory. It's an iconic song and has enough complexity to require a high skill level while still being good to listen to.

I also want to be able to play Tool's "The Pot" from memory. It's an entry point into the drumming of Danny Carey, who is clearly a robot. The looks like it has a fun flow and physicality to it. The track on the album also seems really well mixed to me.

There are a lot of people who I'd like to eat a meal with, but these are some of the famous ones: Shawn Carter, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Jim Carrey, Alec Baldwin, Will Smith, Gordon Ramsay, and Russell Simmons.

I want to chop down a tree with an axe. Chopping down trees is something that our species has done for a long time. Even George Washington got down like that. I've split pieces of wood with an axe before, and I figure it's time I take down a whole tree. I don't need to take down any huge and old trees, just a medium sized tree.

Speaking of things our species has done throughout the years, I want to go and see (in person) cave paintings from 10,000 years ago. If that's not something that'll put you in your place, I'm not sure what will.

Finally, I'd like to drive on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Preferably a cool car.

Remember how I said I was interested in business, finance, and economics? I've had this stuff on the footer of my website for years (does that make me an economics hipster?)