The difference that focus makes

Over the past 48 hours, we had some things happen at with respect to email delivery. I found some of the takeaways interesting, and felt like writing about it, and how it connects to larger business and strategy ideas. With respect to Ship and the companies involved, I’m going to stay light on the details, and look more at the concepts I see behind the issue.

Mandrill and SendGrid are two very big players in the email delivery space.

Mandrill is owned by Rocket Science Group. Rocket Science also controls MailChimp, TinyLetter, Gather, which are all very marketing-focused products.

SendGrid is a company that focuses on developers as customers. They aggressively brand themselves as developer-focused, and show up at every hackathon they can (one of the Ship developers has three different SendGrid shirts that he’s been given at hackathons).

A marketing focused company is going to attract marketing people, who think of the universe through a marketing lens. A developer company is going to attract engineer-minded people, who think of the universe through an engineering lens.

As Porter taught us, one way of analyzing a company’s strategy (and their strengths and weaknesses) is to look at what their team has done in the past. Past experiences will inevitably shape future decisions.

If you were choosing an email service provider, which one would you choose? Which company do you think understands your view of the world? Which one do you think will create features that lend themselves to your use case?

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