A Crown of Claws

A few years ago, I was at MegaCon and picked up a neat piece of art in their “Artists Alley”. I recently had to make a repair to it, and was visiting the site of the creator, Justin Stanley, so that I could repair it properly. Since it’s getting nearer Halloween, I figured I would share it.

Baby Head Music Box #4 - Crown of ClawsThe piece is called “Baby Head Music Box #4.” I don’t know how to be all technical and classify this. It’s made from plastic parts — apparently reused toys — so I don’t think it’s a “sculpture”. It is awesome, however. As you can see, it’s a creepy-looking baby doll’s head, with a crown of claws. The music box in the head plays what would normally be a cutesy song, but given the appearance, is kind of sinister. It’s like a 1-piece horror movie. I dig it.

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