Real Orlando, Real Entertainment

Last weekend, I saw my first-ever interpretive ballet. We got tickets to the opening night of Don Quixote at the Bob Carr Center in Downtown Orlando. Now, I’m not the kind of person who ordinarily would go to an interpretive ballet, but I still had a good time, despite not understanding most of it (and despite the old-people-perfume). The guy playing Don Quixote was hilarious — walking around with his lance and jutted chin.

The reason for this post is to tell you about an offer going on in Orlando. It’s called Real Orlando, Real Entertainment. This is a great offer, and seems to be getting surprisingly little attention. The skinny is that for $99, you get 7 tickets to different cultural events in Orlando. There’s one ticket per type of event, and you can choose which event you go to of each type. So, you’ll get theater, art museums, ballet, opera, orchestra (I’m gonna see John Williams!), and a few others. I think they even threw in some bonus tickets to dress rehearsals. These tickets are ordinarily around $40 each, and you get 7 of them for $99. Do the math.

This is an insanely great deal, and it helps support art & culture in Orlando. This is an up and coming city, and I think this deal is a great opportunity to get out there and get a sense of what’s next.

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