On Grit

I like this. (emphasis author’s)

None of that would have been possible if I wasn’t willing to make a (polite) pain in the ass out of myself.

The world has a way of making room for those who just won’t give up.

There’s one other treat in here.

I wonder if it’s possible to trade away some self-control to get more grit.  That sounds like a good bargain.

That is a fantastic speculation.

The guy who wrote has the name Adam Smith (not the Adam Smith of economics fame, but the Adam Smith of Silicon Valley-email fame). He successfully started and exited (b-school speak for “sold”) a company, something that is very hard no matter how many times you watch The Social Network. It certainly takes something that is beyond intelligence or talent, or ordinary “hard work”.

There’s a term that I like from the Finnish culture — sisu. It means something like “perseverance, determination, and level-headedness”, and it represents something that I want to cultivate in myself. Other than the nice end-rhyme we get from “true sisu”, I think I prefer “grit” now.

Check out this video that Adam referenced in his blog post. It’s definitely recommended for anyone who considers themselves ambitious.

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