What I’ve Been Reading

I read a lot of great books. Sometimes good reading comes in PDF form. Here are some that I’ve read lately that other people should too.

Jeff Bezos writes great letters to shareholders. This is a PDF of all of them since the beginning. They’re almost Buffett-level. Worth a trip through time for any aspiring business person.

If you do dig through Bezos’s letters, you’ll find a mention of decision making. If there were one single thing that wish I could do with expert-level perfection, it would be an ability to make better decisions. This is an analysis of how “unstructured” decisions are made. If Bezos felt it was worthy to be one of the few publications he mentions in all of his annual letters, then I think it’s worth considering that he seems to have been very good at making decisions over the years before not clicking the following link: The Structure of “Unstructured” Decision Processes

On Advertising: David Ogilvy recommends that everyone read this book seven times. Of course, Ogilvy would know how to write an endorsement. Here it is: Scientific Advertising

Here are copies I’ve downloaded in case any of the links go dead.

Amazon Shareholder Letters 97-12

Mintzberg – Decision Processes

Scientific Advertising

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