BarCamp Orlando

It’s almost here! BarCamp Orlando 2008!

I’m thinking about doing a presentation on Bayesian probability. I’ve learned some stuff about it from the Loud3r project that I’ve been working on, and it’s pretty fascinating stuff. It’s a very elegant way of quickly computing the odds of something happening given a few basic pieces of information. I figure a short introduction to the concept is good, and it’ll give me something to talk about further with people if they are interested.

It’s hard to know what people might want to hear. Last BarCamp was so diverse on topics; people did things including geographical/topographical mapping, OpenID, open source robotics (Arduino), and the open source cell phone. I personally like it because it’s a good survey of interesting ideas — you can pick what’s interesting and learn more about it later.

So if you’re not going yet, sign up and check it out. It’s gonna be awesome.

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