Zentact reaches out to web and says hi. Web waves back.

It’s official, Zentact is live. This is the product that Cloudspace has been building for the past several months for John Sampson, Eric Marcoullier, and Jared Brandt (who also makes some damn fine wine).

The skinny of Zentact is that it’s an address book with a Firefox extension that lets you know when someone in your address book might be interested in the page you’re viewing. Go to the site and give it a whirl.

It has been an exciting day. Watching the comments roll in on Twitter is awesome, and so is watching the emails go out from Zentact.

Mashable loves us. So do the fine folks at ReadWriteWeb and VentureBeat. And finally, an excellent review of Zentact from Mr Howard Lindzon. Also, coverage from some unbiased sources, like Cloudspace. 😀

You should check it out. You’ll need a invite code, and you can use TIMZEN. Or, just sign up with this link, which magically includes the Zentact invite code. Let me know what you think.

Gnip comes a-gnocking

I wanted to cover a nifty-looking service that’s just launched — Gnip.

It’s a simple premise: instead of asking every social networking service what’s going on, Gnip will tell you what’s up (they’ll even POST it to your website). They’re going to be — Atlas-style — lifting a huge weight off of social networking providers. I hope they do well.

Of course, in the interests of disclosure, I know Eric.