Restaurants, and Not Getting Poisoned

I read an article about a Checkers fast food restaurant being cited for keeping bread in the men’s bathroom, and they were nice enough to link out to a site —

I checked out the site and found a fantastic search engine. Florida keeps records online of all restaurant inspections, and what the restaurants were cited for. I’ve been enjoying checking up on the local eateries. My buddy Corey was telling me how North Carolina requires the inspection score to be visibly posted to diners, and I think that’s a great idea. Some places that you’d think are dirty and disgusting actually have incentives to keep their kitchen very clean. Other restaurants, where you think they have their act together are actually horrible places. Being able to see the score is a useful piece of info when answering the question “How likely am I to get food poisioning?”

Also, bonus link: The dirtiest restaurants in Central Florida

Orlando Restaurants (Fratellos & El Cerro)

If you’re in the East Orlando area, and are looking for a good bite to eat, let me clue you in on some local deliciousness.


Fratellos is an Italian-American takeout/delivery store with some amazing pizza and subs. Everything they serve looks like real food, no mystery mush. They say their dough and sauce are made fresh every day, and I believe it. The dough alone has a good yeast taste, so it must be fresh. The oven-baked subs are also awesome.

El Cerro

Mexican-American. Nothing too authentic, but it’s a good choice for a group with picky eaters.

This is the hardest-working staff in the food service industry. The way I see it, if my cup (water, sweet tea, or other delicious thirst-quenching liquid) doesn’t sit empty, the staff is paying attention to the table. It’s like the food service equivalent of “keep your eye on the ball”. At El Cerro, my cup hardly ever drops below half-full. The staff is always friendly, and they get the food to you very quickly.

Also, definitely get the queso dip. It’s delicious.

BTW: Here’s a plug for from Demetri Spanos. Demetri’s working with us on the Loud3r project (or “those ‘3r’ sites”), and he’s got a thing for making data very useful, so I look forward to good stuff from the site. I’ve started using his site to keep track of my food-related stuff. I like how it’s not just a restaurant site, or a recipe site, but also drinks and informational articles for utensils/techniques.